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Sustainability Policy

At Vintage Florrie, we are committed to promoting sustainability in the wedding industry.  As a small business providing wedding styling and decor hire services, our aim is to offer sustainable options to our clients and minimise our environmental impact.  We are dedicated to incorporating eco-friendly practices throughout our operations, including ther use of pre-loved and vintage decor, reuse of materials, reducing waste, and recycling.

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- We prioritise the sourcing of preloved and vintage decor and props whenever possible.

- We are working towards carefully selecting suppliers based on their commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

- We aim to work with local artisans and suppliers supporting the local economy where possible to minimise carbon emissions from transportation.


- We strive to minimise consumption of natural resources by reusing items and minimising carbon emissions from transportation.

- We encourage clients to return hired items in good condition for future events, reducing the need for new purchases.

- We aim to minimise packaging waste and choose to reuse any packaging obtained and sustainable packaging materials where possible.


- We actively promote waste reduction by encouraging clients to consider the durability and reusability of items before purchasing.

- We implement proper waste management practices by separating and recycling waste generated from our operations.

- We are working on collaborating with local recycling facilities to ensure items that can no longer be used are properly recycled or disposed of.


- We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality in our travel, supply chain and delivery process.

- We are working towards prioritising eco-friendly modes of transportation whenever feasible, such as cycling, walking, vehicle sharing or public transport for local deliveries.

- We offset the remaining  carbon emissions through verified carbon offset projects to ensure a net-zero carbon impact, i.e. tree planting directories.


- We regularly evaluate and improve our sustainability practices to ensure we are achieving our goals.

- We keep up with advancements in sustainable solutions and technologies to identify new ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

- We encourage feedback from our clients, community and stakeholders to continuously drive our sustainability efforts.

Through the implementation of this sustainability policy, Vintage Florrie aims to lead by example in the Wedding Industry, encouraging other businesses and couples to prioritise sustainability in their celebrations.  Together, we can work towards a more environmentally conscious and responsible future.

Carbon Literacy Project Certified

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